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In our experience, effective business and human resource decisions go hand-in-hand. In successful companies, business and human resource decisions are made with a clear understanding of the consequence to the other.
It is from this perspective that ESAfrica helps businesses succeed through people, by delivering HR consulting and staffing services, tools and expertise that maximize workforce capabilities and help meet business goals.
Through collaboration with our clients we ensure each unique need is answered in terms of what is most practical for the situation at hand.
We work with executives and leaders who seek a business perspective on their companys HR efforts and with HR professionals looking for support in their work.
Our reputation has grown by developing long term partnerships with our clients, and job seekers thereby becoming a valuable extension to their business and professional lives. Assignments have been carried out in East, Central and West Africa.

ESAfrica`s values and goals

Building And Growing Partnerships - We believe in building strong and long lasting partnerships with our clients that are beneficial to all parties involved.
Demonstrating Integrity - We are consistent and transparent in our decisions and actions. We fulfill our commitments and act in a way that is true to our identity.
Innovation through the use of sophisticated technology and ideas We are consistently looking for new and innovative ways to bring solutions to our clients that will bring value and efficiency.

ESAfrica provides a professional international recruitment and evaluation service to all industry sectors. Download a copy of our brochure today.

Company profile available on request.

Contact us at info@es-africa.com and lets discuss how we may be able to support your objectives.


Current Vacancies

  • Senior Contracts Manager, Expatriate
    Deadline: 2018-11-30 | Profession: REAL ESTATE - CONSTRUCTION | Job Location: Port Harcourt, Nigeria

  • Legal & Compliance Officer
    Deadline: 2018-11-07 | Profession: BANKING & FINANCE | Job Location: Lagos, Nigeria

  • COO
    Deadline: 2018-10-31 | Profession: AGRICULTURE | Job Location: Abuja, Nigeria

Career Stories What people say about us!

  • Farouq I.

    Farouq I.

    The most rewarding aspect of my role is that I am part of the strategic team taking various decisions that has serious impact on the fortunes of the organisation. These decisions shape the direction of the organisation.

    My advice to others in the job search is to be sure of their potentials and avail themselves of the various job search channels.

    ESAfrica to me is a very transparent recruitment service and I will recommend to anyone. ES Africa followed up to the end of the process.


    Position: Financial Controller

    Industry: Real Estate

  • Michael Santus

    Michael Santus

    My current role has challenged me to effectively handle several responsibilities simultaneously while also keeping track of fresh requests and assignments. In a nut shell, it’s made me a better administrator.

    For other people searching for jobs, all you need do is constantly improve yourself and always try to discover and match the expectations of your desired employer. This in most cases distinguishes you as the preferred candidate in the end.

    ESAfrica is very professional and have just the right assessments that determines if you are suitable for an available opening. They respect you during the course of the screening process and do not exploit you in any way. I would simply say they are on top of their game.


    Position: Executive Assistant to the Managing Partner

    Industry: Legal

  • Deji Amund

    Deji Amund

    My current role has helped to expand my knowledge base and is better aligned to my long term career objectives. Being part of a larger group with a great culture has proved very rewarding, I work with one of the best teams possible who are intellectually sound and promote excellence. I also enjoy exposure to the various levels of management due within and outside Nigeria due to my varying roles and responsibilities. There has always been something new to learn and be involved with almost every week. I enjoy the dynamism.

    Before embarking on a search, you need to be clear on what you want, even if you are not 100% sure, know what you do not want. There is no point wasting time trying for every opportunity; one needs to be focused, determined and consistent.

    I would say that ESAfrica found me, this was very impressive as they clearly know how to match candidates with roles. Another impressive point was the follow up and constant communication.

    Position: Risk Management and Compliance

    Industry: Financial services, Capital Market.

  • Modupe B.

    Modupe B.

    The most rewarding thing about my current role is the opportunity to learn business management and entrepreneurship.

    I will advice others to be honest and patient because the right job will come in due time.

    My experience with ESAfrica is that they are very very professional.

    Position: Account Director.

    Industry: Marketing Communications / Advertising

  • Cyril E.

    Cyril E.

    My role allows me to be able to positively impact the capital market and the financial market/economy in Nigeria

    My advice about job search :

    • Ensure you have a universally acceptable qualification
    • Ensure your resume clearly states work experience and achievements
    • Engage a reputable agency such as ESAfrica to guide you


    ESAfrica’s attributes are:

    • Attention to details
    • Matching of job opportunity(ies) with requisite qualifications & experience
    • Professionalism
    • Post-employment checks/updates

    Position: Chief financial Officer

    Industry: Financial Services

  • Uzoma A.

    Uzoma A.

    1. What do you find most rewarding about your current role?

    Perhaps the biggest selling point of my current role (Investment Banking) is the frequency and quality of client exposure. We get clients from all key and emerging sectors of the economy, from banking and insurance to hotels and consumer goods manufacturers. Each transaction permits me to gain insights on the workings of the client and offers an opportunity to have a significant impact on the future shape of their business

    Looking at the company at large, the cultural / organizational fit is also a big plus. Given the company is a large multinational, its employees are a pretty liberal, cosmopolitan mix, which means the conventional hierarchy-obsessed culture found in most Nigerian offices is not encouraged. It’s perhaps the first organization (and I’ve been in quite a few!) where I’ve felt I could gladly socialize with colleagues outside work hours.

    The company also invests a lot in training; a wide range of courses are available online, at the learning center and even abroad regardless of one’s grade or division.

    2. What advice would you give to others in their job search?

    Two pointers, which are perhaps contradictory on the surface: Know exactly what you want but be open to other existing opportunities. Most people quickly sign up for what they believe is their dream job yet they discover early on in their roles that they are not satisfied. As you research new roles, you’ll realize that the skillset, exposure, compensation etc you want may be available outside your preconceived dream job.

    ESAfrica’s strength is perhaps its network, at least within the financial services space. Foreign graduates looking to land a job with one of the new entrants to the Nigerian market are in very good hands. Another strength is the quality of feedback rendered to candidates. Their assessment of the suitability of prospective roles in view of my background and career objectives was pretty spot on.

  • Ajoke Ogunlaja

    Ajoke Ogunlaja

    My current role provides me a platform to work with diverse set of people with different value system.

    I will advise those in search of jobs to be flexible and sometimes be willing to do other things . Careful study of the industry is very important likewise the likely company to work with. Also, getting the right recruitment agency will go a long way in assuaging the stress of job search.

    ESAfrica provided a platform different from other agency in the sense that it created a medium of certainty and professionalism.

  • Funmi Ayeni

    Funmi Ayeni

    The professionalism in which my job placement was handled was a pleasant surprise to me. The ESAfrica team gave me good advice especially since it involved relocation from Lagos to Abuja. They also helped with negotiating my salary and relocation fee. Overall, I had the impression that the ESAFrica team was on my side; they were very supportive and responsive and kept in touch even after I started.