Board Director search has grown increasingly in recent years as the expectations now placed on boards have elevated both the professional standards and personal commitment required of all directors. The Directors role as part of the Boards governance involves reviewing and approving a strategic planning process, reviewing and approving the Firms strategic direction, business, and operating plans.

The availability of independent-minded board directors especially those who can add vital specialization skills and expertise is challenging. To ensure your boards ongoing strength and effectiveness, you must tap into new and more diverse talent pools.

We cannot perform miracles to get you Bill Gates so part of the process is searching for who might be available based on geography, industry, schedule, and other factors. We recommend you avoid creating an overly long list of director qualifications, which can limit the talent pool. We will help you look for smart, seasoned and insightful executives. ?

Our Board Director Search service is a growing candidate database, enabling us to identify exceptional candidates. Whether the requirements are geographically based, skill-based, or market-specific, we have the market knowledge, contacts and experience to bring you outstanding candidates who meet your strict requirements and will weave into a consistent and effective board.


  • * Identify candidates who meet our clients’ strict criteria
  • * Ensure candidates fit in well from chemistry and cultural standpoint
  • * Assess a candidate’s ability to be an effective and value-added director


A senior member of the firm leads every engagement and handles all candidate identification, references, and client interaction.

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