JOB Title:  Research Officer





Master’s Degree in Statistics, Economics, Anthropology, International Development, Public Policy or related field, from a reputable institution

  • Minimum of five years’ relevant work experience, including two years’ experience in conducting research
  • Experience in desk research, handling a variety of information sources and producing relevant reports
  • Proven ability to synthesise implications and identify market opportunities from data
  • Experience in statistical analysis using software such as SPSS, Stata, etc
  • Practical experience in qualitative and quantitative research methods, including experience in designing research guides, survey tools and questionnaires, and conducting fieldwork
  • Strong analytical and modelling skills with the ability to evaluate and synthesise information.






Our client is a leading non-profit financial sector development organisation working to promote financial inclusion in Nigeria.


Principal Responsibilities and Accountabilities 

The role will include, but not be limited to the following responsibilities and accountabilities: 

Implementation of Surveys and Scoping Studies 

  • Support specialised surveys and scoping studies throughout the project lifecycle, including initial planning, procurement and contracting of research house services, development of methodology and research tools (questionnaires, discussion guides, etc), fieldwork, data collection and analysis, and compiling the final report 
  • Conduct desk research and literature reviews and produce relevant reports 

Project Management 

  • Coordinate the development of work plans for each research project and track project status against agreed timelines 
  • Ensure that credible standards and methodology are used in all of the firm's research projects 
  • Monitor adherence to guidelines, methodology, approach, and quality assurance measures stated in the contract for surveys undertaken by market research firms. Conduct field visits and deliver reports on any issues observed during fieldwork 
  • On completion of each project, provide a written report with an assessment of the research firm throughout the entire project cycle, including methodology used, data collection process, quality control, data processing and management 
  • Prepare post-project evaluation reports for sign off by the Head of Knowledge and Evidence, and share lessons learned with other technical staff  

Analyse and Interpret Data 

  • Undertake robust and insightful analysis on data collected from specialised surveys and scoping studies. Provide reports that include conclusions that are actionable, impactful and accessible to stakeholders 
  • Review and interrogate data sets from surveys and scoping studies in order to ensure the accuracy of data collected 
  • Analyse data from the firm's Access to Financial Services in Nigeria surveys for internal and external customised requests Support the Head of Knowledge and Evidence in converting the fimr's research into a widespread tool for decision making in the financial sector 
  • Proactively identify opportunities for leveraging research findings to stimulate innovation, and provide stakeholders with evidence that supports the case for financial inclusion 

Disseminate Research Findings 

  • Contribute to the writing of relevant research presentations such as research reports, policy briefs and strategy/technical notes 
  • Present research findings in a compelling, informative and timely manner that clearly conveys the methodology, results and recommendations 

Linkages to Wider Research Community 

  • Keep abreast of local and international research related to financial inclusion 
  • Produce quarterly summaries of relevant research in Nigeria and abroad, drawing out any implications for the firm's work 
  • Support the Head of Knowledge and Evidence in maintaining active relationships with academia, first-rate research houses, and associations working on projects related to Financial Inclusion 

Additional Responsibilities 

  • Create a well-organised archive of all data and reports and a user-friendly, searchable database of all research information, including but not limited to the firm's research 
  • Respond to and track requests for the firm's Access to Financial Services in Nigeria surveys or other data; prepare data user licence agreements as needed 
  • Provide regular updates on the effectiveness of all the firm's research projects and their impact on financial inclusion in Nigeria 
  • Submit monthly progress reports of research activities to the Head of Knowledge and Evidence 
  • Perform any other duties as may be assigned by the Head of Knowledge and Evidence