JOB Title:  Digital Financial Services Lead




Educational Qualification

  • Master’s degree in International Development, Economics or other related discipline

Professional Qualification

Certification in any global Banking Certification

Desired Experience

  • Minimum of 10 years’ operational experience in DFS in Nigeria preferably with at least 5 years of direct experience in the use of technology to expand reach of mobile financial services to the low-income
  • Strong awareness of the legal , regulatory & policy frameworks that govern Financial sector experience (banking/management consultancy/development/research
  • Project management experience and relevant certification






A leading financial sector development organisation working to promote financial inclusion in Nigeria. Established in late 2007, a leader in facilitating an all-inclusive and growth-promoting financial system. The organisation is funded by the UK Government’s Department for International Development (DFID) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


Job Responsibilities

  • Conducts assessments of the (Digital Financial Services) DFS landscape in Nigeria to order to
    • understand the DFS landscape (products, processes & channels) in Nigeria and
    • identify opportunities to deepen DFS and develop annual strategic focus
  • Understands and defines regulatory requirements for DFS and engage Financial Service Industry (FSI) regulators in order to provide advisory on policies, consumer protection, risk management etc.
  • Identify technical assistance gaps using analysis from stakeholder engagement and industry research
  • Develops strategies to enable stakeholders utilise electronic channels and support the implementation of such strategies
  • Identifies and addresses pertinent issues surrounding supply & demand of DFS products through the Working Group/ Breakfast Meetings
  • Works /interacts closely with stakeholders to build their technical capacity for the delivery and scale-up of DFS in Nigeria
  • Understands the global electronic payments industry trends and emerging practices & innovations and leverages same to deepen DFS in Nigeria
  • Identifies and understands different market segments such as telecommunication, transport & logistics, FMCG, Oil & Gas, Construction services and identify ways to leverage these business segments for DFS uptake in Nigeria
  • Anticipates the Financial Sector data and market research needs and works with the team to develop targeted DFS content
  • Contributes to the development of the financial inclusion sector and the organisation's position as a thought leader by writing position papers/ focus/strategy notes, for advancing financial inclusion in Nigeria through Digital Financial Services
  • As required, contribute to the organisation’s knowledge management by facilitating knowledge sharing sessions, creating training materials and ensuring these materials are consistently saved to the Group Folder for ease of reference and retrieval of information
  • Supports the Communications Specialist in developing and executing effective marketing strategies for key stakeholders that increase awareness of the issues limiting the growth of financial inclusion and provide recommendations for addressing these issues
  • Represents the organisation and deliver presentations at public events, as directed by the General Manager
  • Oversees Specialists to ensure that the organisation develops and executes its DFS strategy
  • Manages Specialists to document the status of Agent networks & Electronic payments/Mobile money in terms of key stakeholders, industry associations, policies, regulatory framework, impediments to growth, and barriers to access for the low income population
  • Ensures that the Specialists keep abreast of major developments in the DFS space by staying ahead of emerging issues, trends and opportunities in the electronic payments space
  • In conjunction with the Grant Manager, identifies and develops a pipeline of projects related to women, Northern Nigeria and financial capability for the Innovation Fund; review relevant grant applications and make funding recommendations
  • Manages the budget and track expenditure for the DFS programme, as directed by the General Manager
  • Performs any other duties as required by the General Manager
  • Leads, coaches, and mentors the Specialists & Analyst to ensure customer focus and high standards of delivery
  • Develops annual training plans for the DFS team for approval of the General Manager
  • Monitors, manages and reports on the performance of Programme Specialists, including setting performance objectives and timelines, and conducting monthly reviews and annual performance appraisals