Store Supervisor

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Job Detail

  • Offered Salary viewable by ESAfrica only 250000
  • Career Level Others
  • Experience 4 Years
  • Gender N/A
  • Profession Retail
  • Qualifications Diploma

Job Description

About Company: A retail chain startup for basic groceries with strong financial resources which is
going to change the retail market in Nigeria. The Company’s values are honesty, reliability, and responsibility.

Reporting to: Area Manager
Reported by: Cashiers

Targets of the position:
1. Keep the store in order and clean.
2. Take care of a sufficient inventory according to the company´s order system and
inventory policy (no missing items, no excessive stock, fresh products).
3. Ensure that all customers are approached in a friendly way.
4. Ensure as little shrinkage as possible.
5. Manage the personnel in the most efficient way.
In order to stay ahead of competition it is required to apply the principle of economy
to the maximum extent.

Specific Decisions and Responsibilities:
1. The Stores Supervisor performs all tasks of his Assistants (cleaning, unloading
of pallets, working at the checkout etc).
2. If the Store Supervisor is absent, he will be represented by the Store
Supervisors Deputy or another Assistant on duty.
3. He makes sure that all reports, cash and receipts are correct and complete.
4. He makes sure all cashiers are well trained.
5. He plans the schedule of his staff.
6. He designates certain permanent task to each staff.
7. He coordinates the holiday plans of his staff.
8. He plans the breaks of the staff.
9. He suggests potential cashiers as Store Supervisor or Store Supervisor’s
10. He decides on dismissal of staff until a final decision is taken by the Area
11. He is in charge of the safety box and the change. In case, the Store Manager´s
Deputy is in charge he ensures a proper transfer of this tasks.
12. He is responsible for the final calculation and complete documentation at the
end of the shift of each cashier.
13. He randomly checks the cashiers´ transactions.
14. He is in charge of arranging correct money transfers to the bank.
15. He is in charge of all cancellations of total receipt, complaints as well as returns
from customers. If he judges that a customer complaint is suspicious or
unjustified he reports the case to the Area Manager for decision.
16. He has to check the staff’s bags and keep the corresponding record.
17. He ensures that company visitors note their visits in the Visitors´ book and he
documents visits of any third parties.
18. He randomly checks receipts of customers versus the actual basket.
19. He checks the daily list of cancellations.
20. He checks the procedure at the check out.

21. He is responsible for keeping all doors and windows closed properly at the end
of the day.
22. He decides on orders and order quantities.
23. He makes sure that legal requirements are followed (example regulations in
regards to sale of alcohol).
24. He makes suggestions to the Area Manager for the improvement of the store
25. He is responsible for 100 % price label accuracy.
26. He checks the price accuracy by test purchases, especially after price changes.
27. He checks the deliveries from the Warehouse and direct suppliers and reports
any delivery mistakes.
28. He suggests to his Area Manager improvements for deliveries from the
29. He is responsible for all books, reports and forms in the store.
30. He decides himself about small repairs which are needed immediately up to a
cost of USD 100,00.
31. He calls the police in case of theft and initiates the necessary steps in such a
case as defined by the company.
32. He informs the Area Manager about accidents and other urgent or dangerous
33. He informs the Area Manager about any visits by public authorities.
34. He ensures all measure for the prevention of robberies and theft.
35. He is responsible for correct counting in case of physical inventories.
36. He trains personnel for other stores in case required.