ESAfrica produces behavior specific and industry-specific publications to provide an unbiased assessment of the trends and practices most relevant to you.
Our Surveys are delivered through a secure online tool or protected offline spreadsheet. This allows the respondents to complete the surveys in a matter of hours up to a few days.

Types of Surveys: Employee/Organisation Survey

Employee/Organization survey provides a detailed analysis of your employees satisfaction level and attitude towards your organization. Analysis of an organizations learning climate produces the fertilizer that helps an organization to grow. Employee/Organisation Survey analysis helps to identify constraints for growth of your organization.

* Identify labour relations issues confidentially and anonymously

* Independently evaluate your management teams strengths and weaknesses

* Improve productivity, quality and customer service through the development of action plans

* Identify organization-wide issues and solicit ideas for corrective action

* Gather objective data from which management may develop a meaningful dialogue

* Reduce turnover

* Solicit employees involvement in the process of change


Salary Survey

Salary Surveys evaluate current remunerations practices in the local labour market. The accuracy of data we employ has to match your organization (size, type, industry, location, etc.). Accuracy means knowing what organisations similar to yours are paying to recruit and retain employees. It means being confident the data you base your decisions on truly reflects your organisations market. Our data collection comes directly from the source – employees and employers.

  • Align your compensation and benefit programs with your employee needs
  • Establish benchmark data to evaluate future improvements



  • Customers and Employees will be much more candid with a third party survey organisation than they will be with any internal data gathering.
  • Our experienced professionals will develop valid questions that objectively and accurately meet the goal of your survey
  • Following through on the issues raised by the survey, rather than collecting data, is the best use of your time

Our programs can be customized to every company and individual we serve. Email us at for more details to discuss your particular needs or download a copy of our brochure today.